Since my wife and I love the outdoors and go camping a lot I thought this would make great lingerie for me to surprise her. Unfortunately her Cree LED headlamp was so bright that she did not notice I was naked underneath against the overpowering reflection from visibility strips on the jacket =(

Other than that its a great product. I am 6’2 and it fit me snugly without any gaps. If you are any taller than me you might have an opening at the wrists but certainly not the waist. There is ample room for the larger guys there. I like that it came with zippers and elastic everywhere that you would want it to be as well. It also weighs practically nothing and breathes surprisingly well so unless you are going ultralight backpacking where every gram of weight counts there is no reason not to stash this in your bag for every outing where you might have a bug problem.

I included pictures of the carrying bag, the whole suit laid out and a picture with the flash on under bright lights so you can see how well it reflects. The whole thing seems to be very well constructed and would be worth patching if you tore it on some branches. This is not a use once and throwaway kind of item. Even though I got mine at a promotional price in exchange for a review I have to say its a great bargain.

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