Rejuvenating Fo-Ti Extract Review – CHUGGING CONTEST

We took a look and taste at “He Shou Wu”, A popular anti aging tonic. The results might surprise you! Despite our initial apprehension it really had a very mild taste that would work well as an additive to your normal daily tea habit. It is very earthy and subdued. We tried it later after shooting this video in juice and you couldn’t taste it at all. My favorite was adding it to some green tea. Even though we got this at a discount in exchange for an honest review I would say it is well worth the price. If you google He Shou Wu you will find it has a long history of supporting health with a lot of users who swear by it.

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Warning: this shirt enhances the observation of cold nipples.


This PANDOOM cycling shirt will be perfect for the weekends when we go out and play Pokemon Go on our bikes. With its whisking technology, our endurance will be long lasting so we can be the best there ever was!

As a back up plan, Blake could also be a stunning jockey. After receiving this product at discount in exchange for my honest review, I have decided that Blake is getting more cycling shirts, because who doesn’t love a confident man wherever you go.


How To – Brew Tea With Infuser Bottle

I guess we are so used to the convenience of tea bags that if you ask a person to pour some hot water over some dry plants their eyes glaze over and they begin to drool a little. This product makes it so easy to brew your own blends of tea you will have a hard time going back to overpriced bags. I make green tea literally every single morning and pour it over ice. Having an efficient and simple process is invaluable. This is easy clean up and self contained so I dont know what else you could ask for. Even though I got this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review its a very fair price and will be buying another one to keep at the studio.

There are many variations of techniques when it comes to using this but stick with the tried and true method. Tea leaves go in empty bottle. Place strainer on top. Pour in hot water. Then just drink or strain depending on your preference.

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24k Gold Plated Grill – Review Gone Rap?

Ever do something and wonder if you were going to regret it later in life? This is what that looks like. We got a pair of gold plated grillz in the mail in exchange for an honest review, so we took these puppies for a spin. Go big or go home right? If you want to become a rap god for less than $15 click the link below.

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Music provided by searching for “Free Hip Hop beats” in google. And clicking on the first link. Nice SEO man.



Haute Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Review – So Haute Right Now

There are a lot of products like this on the market so it can be tough to decide what is worth the money. We went out of our way to test this one out in normal conditions and it stayed ice cold for 8 hours. Check out the video to see for yourself. I was honestly shocked at how well it worked. We own Yeti’s and Hydroflasks and this is right up there with them at a fraction of the cost. We got this one for free in exchange for an honest review but I would have been happy paying $25-30 for these results. At $13 its more than worth the price tag.

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Must Have Hydro flask Accessory – Paracord Carry Handle

Our entire family are huge hydroflask fans so I was really excited to get this product. The bottles themselves are sturdy but the rubber strap that connects the standard lid breaks after heavy use and some of the tops don’t give you an easy way to carry the bottle. They can get pretty heavy when full so having a real handle like this is awesome. Definitely a bonus too that the handle is made of REAL paracord and not the cheap stuff that everyone seems to use these days.

The buckle makes it extra convenient when you want it to stay secure in a backpack side pocket too. I received this first one for free in exchange for an honest review but will be buying a bunch more for myself and as gifts for family members. Must have upgrade for all hydroflask owners.

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Pokemon Go – Best Phone Holder/Mount

This phone mount was much easier to use than I expected. I have bought a few in the past and been very disappointed especially with the “universal” kind. I was expecting something along the same lines but this thing is totally solid. It clamps down very tight and seems to be adjustable to just about any reasonable sized bar. The slow open release of the grabber arms feels very sci fi and the rubber straps held down even my giant oversized iphone 6 plus. Its also nice that it rotates 360 degrees for different apps.

Even though I received this product in exchange for a review I think it’s definitely worth the asking price. I took this on a pretty serious test ride and hit lots of bumps and it didn’t phase it at all. I am very happy with this product and plan on using it for a variety of devices in a variety of situations.

This Coffee Started My Addiction


I will admit off the bat, I am not a huge coffee drinker. I have the occasional cup when I am tired and my husband calls it a “milkshake” because there is so much creamer and sugar.

This coffee has started my coffee addiction.

I was really excited to try this coffee after receiving it at discount in exchange for an honest review. I had heard how good Kona coffee was and they were not kidding.

This coffee was incredibly smooth, had no bad aftertaste or left me with “coffee breath”. It was so clean tasting with no acidity and was a joy to experience. Just opening the bag and smelling the beans made me happy.

The packaging is also amazing, I will be buying this as a gift for my hippy in-laws for all future holidays.

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