If you have ever had the opportunity to try emergency sea rations or food bars you know they are incredibly plain at best and disgusting at worst. My nephew accidentally broke the seal on one of our packages so we decided to see if we could make them palatable with items and condiments you might be able to scrounge up in the apocalypse. Some of the ideas were submitted by viewers and many were suggested by friends and family. The few that ended up working might surprise you.

We tried baked beans, peanut butter, chocolate, anchovies, sardines, arbys sauce, taco bell diablo hot sauce, tobasco, hazlenut coffee creamer, honey, mcdonalds creamy ranch, mcdonalds honey mustard, welches grape juice and trader joes green dragon sauce.

Im not sure why you would but if you would like to order these bars to recreate one of our recipes, please support our channel by purchasing it through this link: http://amzn.to/2df1ipW

Making Emergency Rations Edible – What Works And What DOESN’T

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