I guess we are so used to the convenience of tea bags that if you ask a person to pour some hot water over some dry plants their eyes glaze over and they begin to drool a little. This product makes it so easy to brew your own blends of tea you will have a hard time going back to overpriced bags. I make green tea literally every single morning and pour it over ice. Having an efficient and simple process is invaluable. This is easy clean up and self contained so I dont know what else you could ask for. Even though I got this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review its a very fair price and will be buying another one to keep at the studio.

There are many variations of techniques when it comes to using this but stick with the tried and true method. Tea leaves go in empty bottle. Place strainer on top. Pour in hot water. Then just drink or strain depending on your preference.

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How To – Brew Tea With Infuser Bottle

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