Bunny Bunk Bed – American Doll Furniture Set

This doll bed set is surprisingly sturdy. Seeing as I do not have dolls, I put my bunnies on it and it held them both up with ease, which was about 14 lbs. The quality of the cloth material for the bedding was also really nice, I was surprised as to how heavy the little comforter was!

The hardware seemed like it was not going to fit. The wooden dowels went so far in I thought they were going to get lost in there, but they didn’t, and I was able to put the bed together just fine. I even missed a few wooden dowels because I didn’t think they would fit, and it still held up fine. It did take some time though, so be prepared to put it together.

Even though I used this for bunnies instead of dolls and received this at a promotional price in exchange for an honest review, this bed set is going to a make any little girls, or bunny’s dreams come true!

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