Making Emergency Rations Edible – What Works And What DOESN’T

If you have ever had the opportunity to try emergency sea rations or food bars you know they are incredibly plain at best and disgusting at worst. My nephew accidentally broke the seal on one of our packages so we decided to see if we could make them palatable with items and condiments you might be able to scrounge up in the apocalypse. Some of the ideas were submitted by viewers and many were suggested by friends and family. The few that ended up working might surprise you.

We tried baked beans, peanut butter, chocolate, anchovies, sardines, arbys sauce, taco bell diablo hot sauce, tobasco, hazlenut coffee creamer, honey, mcdonalds creamy ranch, mcdonalds honey mustard, welches grape juice and trader joes green dragon sauce.

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We Field Tested This Tumbler Inside The Volcano Known As Arizona


Ok so I live in Arizona. It is basically like living inside a volcano in the summer. Especially in your car. Because of this I constantly need access to an iced beverage, preferably iced green tea. Having something like this is a godsend. Whats crazy is I have left it inside my car for hours and its gotten to the point where the outside would literally burn your skin but the inside still has huge chunks of ice and its freezing cold. This particular model came with 2 lids (one with a sliding stopper to prevent spills) and a stainless steel straw with was really cool. I originally bought a big name brand one of these and almost immediately lost it so its great that there are more reasonably priced options out there because lets face it, its a cup, you are gonna set it down and lose it eventually.

As you can see from the totally not photoshopped pics I have tested this product out inside an actual volcano and it worked wonderfully. I recommend this to all my friends. Even though I got this one at a promotional price for a review I have to say it is well worth the price.

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Rejuvenating Fo-Ti Extract Review – CHUGGING CONTEST

Rejuvenating Fo-Ti Extract Review – CHUGGING CONTEST

We took a look and taste at “He Shou Wu”, A popular anti aging tonic. The results might surprise you! Despite our initial apprehension it really had a very mild taste that would work well as an additive to your normal daily tea habit. It is very earthy and subdued. We tried it later after shooting this video in juice and you couldn’t taste it at all. My favorite was adding it to some green tea. Even though we got this at a discount in exchange for an honest review I would say it is well worth the price. If you google He Shou Wu you will find it has a long history of supporting health with a lot of users who swear by it.

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This Coffee Started My Addiction


I will admit off the bat, I am not a huge coffee drinker. I have the occasional cup when I am tired and my husband calls it a “milkshake” because there is so much creamer and sugar.

This coffee has started my coffee addiction.

I was really excited to try this coffee after receiving it at discount in exchange for an honest review. I had heard how good Kona coffee was and they were not kidding.

This coffee was incredibly smooth, had no bad aftertaste or left me with “coffee breath”. It was so clean tasting with no acidity and was a joy to experience. Just opening the bag and smelling the beans made me happy.

The packaging is also amazing, I will be buying this as a gift for my hippy in-laws for all future holidays.

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